Paediatric Dentistry

We make a dentist visit Great Fun!

From age four it is essential to bring your toddler to the dentist, even if you don’t suspect any problems.We will introduce ourselves to your very important little person. We will ride in the airplane chair and see how high it can go. Maybe brush the teeth with our super small toothbrush if your toddler wants us to. In the end, there will definitely be presents.

At this age, it is important to establish a relationship with the dentist and to make it a fun place to visit. The first appointment is not essential to clean the teeth, just to introduce the feeling of being at the dentist and letting someone work in your mouth. We want your child to feel comfortable if there is a problem in the future to come and visit us without fear.

You don’t want the first visit to the dentist to be because of an abscess or an extraction because then the dentist will always be associated with pain. Many adults have a fear for the dentist and if a child is treated with respect and in a friendly manner from early on he or she will never have that fear.

As adults, we must always keep an eye on the hygiene of our children’s teeth. It is a good idea to check up or even do one of the brush sessions per day yourself. Primary teeth are just as important as permanent teeth and should never be left just because it is only “baby teeth’. A Primary or baby or milk tooth has a nerve just like a permanent tooth and your poor child will experience the same kind of pain that you have if there is a cavity or exposed nerve. The molar primary teeth will only fall out at around the age of 12 years. It is, therefore, a good idea to look after them.

So why fix primary teeth and not just extract them you ask?

If a primary tooth is extracted before a permanent tooth is close by underneath and almost ready to erupt, the teeth on the side of the prematurely removed tooth will tilt into the opening and close the space.

When the permanent tooth that was supposed to replace the primary tooth is eventually ready to erupt, the space is closed up by the adjacent teeth. This will cause major space problems, orthodontic treatments and teeth erupting in awkward places.



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